Cracked’s Crack At Internet Marketing

19 Aug

Having been part of the internet marketing culture in the past months, my interest to become a web entrepreneur myself grew considering the rewarding income that websites can generate. Why not? After proving that one does not need a degree to become a cyber mogul, I thought I could profit from it as well. Many people who have no coding or programming experience were able to build an android application from scratch, what more build a website and get it up and running? Add to it the fact that I’m some sort of a writer or am at least involved in the writing industry.

Most web entrepreneurs make six figures from niche websites nowadays. Niche websites are, by the way, websites that focus on one specific topic (i.e. medical, relationships, accounting, etc.). These entrepreneurs write about various topics on a specific subject that they know inside and out, publish them on their personal blog site (did I just put personal and blog together?), generate traffic, solicit advertisements, and collect their profit. It sounds simple but there are many ways to earn from this base.

Currently, I am exploring this avenue so I can successfully conquer the Internet as well. I do not know exactly which topic to focus on and, of course, where to get the money to register my own domain. With WordPress, it is cheap at $18/year but my PayPal account is bankrupt for the moment. 😛

For one, I have a medical background and I know that, being a researcher, people always turn to Google to find quick answers regarding their health concerns. I am also interested in diet methods, nutrition, and health issues. My passions, on the other hand, are music, movies, and books so I would also want to produce an entertainment website.

Until I get things in order, you wouldn’t be able to see or I am still in the process of learning it but I already have some SEO-ish tools for research.

Any insights?

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