Throw Away Cigarettes and Start Smoking Beauty

24 Oct

Whoa! I missed blogging so bad! Well, it’s not like I have readers waiting for my next post here but still, the need to write something about my life online is so intense right now. So forgive me but THIS IS NOT A SPAM!

The past few months have been quiet, nostalgic, lethargic, hectic, and complicated. Anyone who’s juggling work, family, and whatnots can relate. It’s not easy but I get by. With just a little more focus, I could be a star!

My online job is doing well, at least for now. There have been a series of events that affected my home-based career but like they say, “when it rains, it pours.” This is bad but good in a way too as you get to realize a few things, redirect your path and consider options. People do have options, always. Speaking from experience, the only time you say you don’t have a choice is when you let other people control you. Question is, how do you make yourself in control?

By in control I mean, deciding when to go out, when to come home, what to eat, what to drink, who to trust, who to believe, and so on. By in control, I mean relying on your own judgment, beliefs, and faith.

People would come and go; the weather will change; there will be newborn babies everyday — these are definitely out of your control. Why? Because they are not your life. You have your own!

On the side, I am aware of the times when people let other people control them because of love. This is the type of control that expires, maybe not often but you will arrive at a decision that it’s over.

Bask in your reveries and celebrate this day! Consequences are inevitable. An amount of pain may come with it; you would lose a lot but be happy you ditched someone or something because it’s your own decision.

What’s my point then? You know I am notorious for writing blogs containing ideas that swerve but I always try to make a point clear enough for anyone who might read to understand and learn a speck of lesson from.

So my point is: I am giving up. It is time to give up. I am not referring to everything but a few things that don’t make me an effective human being anymore.

Ah, so all along, some people are still pulling my strings. I am 34 years old and people are still pulling my strings? Why not? I love them! It’ not so bad. In my vocabulary, puppet is synonymous with sacrifice. The former may be a noun and the latter is a verb but let’s make them both an adverb. And sacrifices are made when you love them. All these bullshit does sound like a defense but thinking about it for days, I am starting to figure out where I came from, where I am now, and where I am headed to; who I love, who I don’t, how I do it, and how to drop all the crap.

It is just a matter of time before one can extricate himself from such an ugly situation, just as it takes time to quit smoking. Trash the cigarettes in your life. They are toxic!

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