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Merry Christmas People!

Time flies so fast. So fast that 2013 Christmas feels like yesterday. Now we have only five more days to go before we say goodbye to 2014 and welcome 2015.

Traditionally, we go to the Church at midnight of December 24th and eat noche buena after. We went to Church earlier this time and had a quick and simple family feast before it hit 12:00. By 2 AM, everyone’s asleep. The next day, the kids are all over the street hunting down their godparents for gifts and money. We fled. 😀 Kidding. We didn’t. We just left home early in the morning of Christmas to visit some aunts and cousins. So, yeah, you can call that fleeing if the intention was to avoid unnecessary and unreasonable expense LOL! We really did want to see our Aunts to greet them and keep them company.

You’re wrong if you thought we got away with gift-giving. Come afternoon, soon after we came down from the van, these critters came knocking one by one to collect. Well, we don’t really mind giving but some of these kids would ignore you the whole year and then smile at you only on Christmas day and that is because they want something. One of my goddaughters, for example, once complained about the Php 100 I gave her when she never even say ‘hi’ when I pass by.

One of my godsons, on the other hand, would chase me just to greet me. Not to mention he is a really good kid and studies well. Of course, I gave him a higher reward *wink* Remember what the song says? Santa knows when you’ve been bad or good so be good for goodness’ sake!

What have happened to them? Not to wash my hands clean but our parents taught us to always pay respects to our godparents even if it is not Christmas; to never ask for money and be grateful always, gifts or no gifts. But children today seem to make Christmas a business.

Because I am kinda broke, I was only able to give them a few. My niece and nephews asked me what I have for them this year and humbly apologized for failing to prepare any because pretty Auntie is in deep shit. 😀 Kidding again. I just told them I have the whole year to make up anyways. They replied: “It’s okay if you don’t have gifts tita…” and gave me a kiss. Awe…..

How eager would anyone be to give these children something even more! Unless they were only guilt-tripping. 😀

We had a humble and simple yet wonderful Christmas day overall. It’s a little tiring but heartwarming. Some of my aunts did not bother to have their noche buenas for some reason — loneliness, budget issues, and stuff — but they were happy to have us as always. We had good foods and good laughs and it’s worth the time.

It is true that things will always be better if you celebrate special occasions with the people dear to you even if you have nothing on the table. There were times before when we had nothing for Christmas but having each other made us feel so full. That is the true meaning of joy. I may be wishing for freedom right now but I won’t trade my family for anything. I may be broke right now but having these families and a few true friends in my life makes me feel rich.

Let us be grateful for all the blessings we received and we will receive. They may not be what we prayed for or expected but they are definitely what we need. Perhaps our prayers are not bound to be answered soon but eventually…. Have faith. The Bible gave us no exact date of Jesus’s birth which gives us more reason to celebrate Christmas every day. So may you have 365 merry Christmas days ahead!


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Pinay Biyahera Wannabe

I haven’t been to many places in the Philippines. The farthest I got was Mindoro in Puerto Galera beach twice. Once, when I was 28 and second when I was around 29 or 30. My emotional ailment prevented me from enjoying the first one but I thank my friend Belle for forcing me out of my coccoon. Her efforts were very much appreciated.

The second time was when my friend came over for a one-month vacation from Dubai. Feeling much better than before, I did have two days of fun.

I have also been to Baguio twice. Once when I was about five years old, I had the opportunity to spend time with some Igorots. Don’t be surprised if I can still remember that. I just do 😀 Remembering stuff is both a blessing and a curse. I went back with some friends when I was also about 30 years old I think. So not long ago. I still want to go back but I need to plan it out.

Our Real, Quezon trip had been wonderful (I’ll tell you more about each of these trips in my next posts with pictures. Yep, still have them). I was with Belle again and another friend. We went on a more than five-hour hike before we got to the summit and spent time with NPAs. My friend insisted they are NPAs so…cool! 😀

Tagaytay is so close to Manila and I have been there several times already but since it’s another popular tourist spot, I’ll include that in my list of trips hoping you would envy me (not possible :D).

My most recent was Naga City, Bicol. Oh! Now, that’s the farthest I got! It took us eight hours to get there. I didn’t mind because I like long drives while listening to music and sightseeing. That’s my friend Belle’s hometown so it didn’t matter much to her. To me, it was awesome! But that trip was not what I expected. Naga is a fairly small city with few places worth seeing. Everybody spoke Bicolano dialect and it gave me a headache trying to figure out what they were talking about.

We went to this ice cream parlor which owner was a Chinese woman. She spoke fluent Tagalog and fluent Bicolano!. Seriously, I find that very amusing my jaw dropped the moment she opened my mouth. She had no idea I was from Manila and didn’t get a thing she said. Everytime she looked at me for approval, I just give her a nod and a smile.

I want to create separate posts for these trips just for the sake of my ego. This would make me think I am a bona fide biyahera and inspire me to go out and explore more without excuses.

So until the next post. 😀

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