I Met A Sweet Woman Last Friday….

I Met A Sweet Woman Last Friday….

A friend of mine, who is working for 10 years already in Dubai, is taking her vacation in the country until June 6. She’s been here for two weeks already but she barely goes out to have fun and meet friends. I just happen to live closer, but not as close as a bootyshake. To get to Balagtas, where she lives, I have to endure two hours of travel including heavy traffic, road repair, and switching rides.

The last time we met, she mentioned that she would be traveling to Manaoag, Pangasinan with her family just to attend the mass, pay respects to Our Lady of Manaoag, and at the same time say their personal requests.I have been curious about her, Our Lady of Manaoag, I mean. It made me curious that a lot of people who have been there couldn’t find any negative words to say about it. According to them, there is no wish that the Lady didn’t grant. So when my friend told me a paid seat just went vacant, I grabbed it. From Balagtas, off we went to Manaoag riding a rented van at from 4-8 am.

Honestly, I am not a fan of masses. When I go to Church,assume it is my birthday or I am so depressed. It’s a crime based on my own standards and I am aware that I am breaking my own rules everytime I visit the house of God just to pass time or fulfill an obligation. Attending the mass in Manaoag Church is slightly a different thing. Curiosity, sincerity, and desperation brought me there. I needed a miracle…big time! By going to that place that every religious Filipino is raving about, I assume I’d find peace of mind and answers with a sleight of hand. So congratulate me, I have successfully finished the mass!

My friend and her family

We survived long lines in college, I was not to back out after seeing another pile up of people at the back portion of the church. They are in search for miracles, too. Despite the uber hot sunbeam that was attempting to shake my eagerness off, I fell in line quietly just like the others. They are doing it so why can’t I? Based on my calculation, it took about 30 minutes or less to get inside. The area is like a museum of statues of saints, which names I didn’t get. People were wiping hankies on each statue. Following them in the line does not mean I would follow them all the way. That’s something I did not intend to do so after telling OLOM my wishes while touching the bottom of her clothes, I followed my companions downstairs to light some candles and wish some more. Picture-taking followed.

One day after, I got my first wish. Hands down to the sweet lady I have been meaning to visit since the first time I broke my heart. One granted wish and I am all over her. As much as I want to reveal what the fulfilled wish is, I choose not to divulge any information for fear of losing it too early. I am still such a jerk! While deep in my heart I know my fire would dim because of my mundane intentions, I aim to fight the moment and continue to transform into someone that God wants me to.

There are two types of people: one who goes back to the light when the world becomes bleak and one who goes down deeper until bleak becomes pitch-black. I am proud to say that I am the former. That does not make me better than the latter though. Someone with a genuine love never sees bleak or pitch-black.

I thank the whole family for being so nice to me since the day I met them. I thank good timing for allowing me to go out. I thank my parents for not feeling ill about the trip. I thank the sweet lady that somehow brought back the smiles back.


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