It Took Me By Surprise

Last week, I started working for this company in Ortigas. This is my first job in over a year after resigning from my previous job.

Although no clear job description was handed to me, I figure that my responsibilities as Senior Editor are to lead a team of fresh Journalism and Communication Arts graduates, supervise their performance, and edit their work. The last part is tricky because seriously, what would you expect from a group of girls who are fresh out of college in the news department.

Not to say I am know-it-all. In the first place, this is also my first time to tackle hard news, mainly in the area of piracy in Somalia. Maybe I am saying I am not cut out for the job. It is not even because I don’t know how to compose hard news but it is because I get easily stressed out rewriting somebody else’s work and explaining to her why (because I don’t know how). Have you ever had that feeling when you just feel something’s not right and you just mark it red?

Originally, someone was supposed to be supervising me as well. Let me tell you how it happened.

So I passed the interview and was requested to start sometime in August. I was given a list of requirements, which included a medical exam. Being the world’s greatest procrastinator, I decided to settle this when my energy allows since in my previous companies, this can be submitted anytime.

So I went to the office on the agreed start date but was informed that we could not proceed because of my failure to process the medical exam. It took me almost a month before it was completed. This was during those Habagat days.

By the time I began work, my supposed manager had already resigned! And then I asked one of the writers who replaced her. She replied, “you po. You will be our manager.”

No effing way! That made me shiver and go “hala!”

With no concrete information handed to me, no clear workflow to base our daily routine, no training, whatsoever, I had to take over and start from scratch. Maybe it was a blessing that the news website we are supposed to run is currently going through an overhaul. Something went wrong with the coding but that’s a thing for the web programmer, who is by the way working with Drupal.

Slowly, I am restructuring the editorial department, even without the permission of the ‘publisher’ because I believe that the team needs it. This is alongside writing and editing. Once in a while, I turn to one of the girls and ask, “this is just temporary right? Are they hiring a new manager?” To which she replies, “I don’t know. They said they would.”

Okay, that’s a relief. It’s odd though. barely one week and I already skipped one day.



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