Too Little

I have been trying to conjure up some ideas and organize my story but I think I am suffering from a ‘brain drain.’ Like I said in the previous post, Little is a title of a novel that I would like to write and it is about a female combatant who is ‘simply out of league’ as she trains and fights with big men and women.

That’s interesting to me but I know I need to learn a lot about the army or the marines, as well as go back to my grammar 101 lessons to make sure I’d do everything right. Heck, I do not even know if this will even come to fruition!

Anyways, as a Journalism grad, I am surprised to learn that I learned too little back in college every time I come across with grammar rules that my professors might have discussed when I was absent from class. All along, I based my work on instincts. While general rules must be followed, I sat on my office table marking what I thought was incorrect without even consulting the Chicago Manual of Style or Strunk & White. 

This makes me think that my now-defunct/non-existent career had been a big effing lie. Looking back on my past, I wonder where I have been and where I am and where I will be. It is a tough question to answer since the world partly operates on destiny and partly on freewill.


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