Camp Hell Or Camp Hope

I read the news about Jesse Eisenberg suing Lions Gate for exaggerating his 5+ minutes presence in a nonsense movie called Camp Hell (the opening says Camp Hope though) through their DVD cover. I checked it out on zmovie, found one copy and watched it.

The billing was already a disaster. Preceded by not-so-famous (or small) actors, it said and ‘Jesse Eisenberg.’ He appeared earlier but, indeed, for five minutes or so ONLY. He was paid $3000 for that cameo and the film outfit capitalized on his generosity. Well, it’s a tactic. If I were a producer, I won’t definitely do the same unless I desperately want the movie to sell. I remember the same thing happened with a movie, which I already forgot the title, where Avril Lavigne had a special billing but appeared for only seconds. If you can count the scene where her character was found rotting inside a remote cabin, that would sum up to about five seconds. Her character was not even that important and the movie probably sold even without her name because it starred Richard Gere.

Anyway, just sharing. :p


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