Hesher (film)

Hesher (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Sometimes life gives you the finger. Sometimes it gives you…Hesher

There’s little humor underneath this Sundance drama entry starring Joseph Gordon Levitt, one of the hottest rock star-wannabes I have ever seen. If were to direct this film, it would be too much to handle. The script is obviously too deep yet too real.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays Hesher, a metalhead and pyromaniac who lives in an RV. Then he meets this young boy who just lost his mother. His father on the other hand is suffering from depression and is also losing touch with the world. Hesher effortlessly makes this boy’s life a little more chaotic but does not mean to connect with the whole family. Crashing into the boy’s home is almost a life-changing accident especially when Hesher met the boy’s grandmother.

The film is quirky, especially the lead character. Watching him will make you wonder if such personality exists. And yes, there are people like him. You might even have a handful in your neighborhood but they are not as cute and lovable. Levitt has once again delivered such a difficult role with flare. Although there isn’t much rock music to savor, you will get to hear some metal music playing to put spark and emphasis on Levitt’s angst. Hesher is messed up but he did not nee to change. There’s a world within his world that only messed up people can understand.

*****Spoiler***** If ever you get to watch it, check out Hesher’s tattoos. That alone looked so hilarious. Imagine a metalhead with homemade tattoos similar to the images in Diaries of a Wimpy Kid. Gives you an idea Hesher is a frustrated tattoo artist who does not know how to draw.


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