I was lucky to stumble upon this great indie film called Ink. Some users suggest you have to get past, hence, survive the first 15 minutes because they don’t make sense, you might get bored, and end up quitting. It didn’t feel like it because the first 15 minutes were intriguing. You will want the questions that those 15 minutes will impose answered.

In particular, I love how the story unfolds, the twists, and the acting. It’s indie which means there’s low funding but the audience can get by with the un-Hollywood effects and soundtrack. I made some research after watching it. Some articles say that the writer and director was thankful for piracy, in a way, because it allowed them to reach international audience and made money from DVD orders.

You should try it. I actually recommend this to fathers and urge them to keep doing the good things they do for their sons and daughters. One user commented on zmovie that he was a marine and could not help but cry during the ending.




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