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A lot of people kind of ask me where I have been after several months or years of non-contact. Of course, I, as a suspecting acquaintance, will think ‘I was never gone!’ Here are some more interesting remarks: ‘I missed you!’ ‘Why aren’t you calling?’  ‘You are so busy you have forgotten about me!’

These have become cliches. First of all, of course they never missed me because they never returned my call or responded to my emails. I left them several messages. Eventually, I became tired of reaching them so I thought they might be busy or they have forgotten about me.

Each of us are now leading our own lives. Our priorities have changed. Pleasing our own family and ourselves are now the most important thing. I would perfectly understand if someone has totally forgotten me or is very busy to give me a ring or text just for old time’s sake but throwing all the bullshit back to my side of the court is pretty offensive. Instead of rekindle our bond, the lies and excuses ruin it.

Just trying to make a point.


Posted by on October 1, 2012 in Life

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